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Works and Lentz Inc


3030 NW Expressway Ste 1300
Oklahoma City, OK 73112-5442

1437 S Boulder Ave Ste 900
Tulsa, OK 74119-3618

Contact Them:

Phone: (405) 942-2211
Phone: (918) 582-3191
Fax: (405) 942-2370
Fax: (918) 592-2709

There’s nothing more frustrating and stressful than suffering from incessant harassment regarding outstanding debt and overdue accounts. If there’s one thing that tops the frustration of being in debt, it’s the constant barrage of phone calls and threatening letters from nameless, faceless companies. With a little bit of education, you don’t have to feel like the target of an unknown company’s effort to collect debts from you. In the following passages, you’ll learn a little more about Works & Lentz Inc.

Who are Works & Lentz Inc?

Works & Lentz is a law firm that you may come up against if you have outstanding debts related to bankruptcy, commercial dealings, or real estate. As a debtor, you’ll face Works & Lentz because they work directly for creditors in an effort to collect on debts owed by consumers. The firm offers general practice expertise to creditors, but also offers services specifically to lenders, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, consumer credit grantors, and equipment lessors.

If you have past-due statements related to an automotive lease, or owe back payments on a residential lease, Works & Lentz operates on behalf of the individual or company you owe money to, contacting you on behalf of those lenders to collect on overdue accounts or rent.

Works & Lentz is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which is not a negative sign in and of itself because the BBB does not require businesses to request accreditation. Instead, accreditation from the BBB is sought to instill confidence in consumers. What is concerning for you if you owe money to a company working with Works & Lentz is the list of complaints against the firm. There have been 13 complaints filed. Though that seems low, other prominent collection agencies and firms, such as American Medical Collection Agency, have just one.

The firm operates in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma. After an incident was brought to light in a lawsuit in 2015, the public image of Works & Lentz took a hit. The firm represented a property management company operating three apartment complexes in the area. Residents were charged an optional $5 utility fee to cover ambulance services from the local EMSA program.

One resident who needed an ambulance was eventually sued by Works & Lentz, who later garnishes her wages, because she didn’t pay a debt she had no idea she owed. The EMSA hired Works & Lentz to collect for the ride, even though the property management company had been collecting the monthly $5 from all residents, but opted out of the EMSA program without informing residents.

Worse yet, Works & Lentz representatives called the resident frequently trying to collect on the debt. She agreed to make payments to Works & Lentz, but the law firm refuses to tell her how much she owes in total and has never provided a written statement.

Name, Number, and Contact Information for Works & Lentz.

As mentioned above, Works & Lentz maintains offices in both Oklahoma City, OK, and Tulsa, OK. The addresses for the respective offices are listed below:

3030 NW Expressway Ste 1300
Oklahoma City, OK 73112-5442

1437 S Boulder Avenue Ste 900
Tulsa, OK 74119-3618

You can contact Works & Lentz directly at the following telephone and fax numbers:

  • Phone (405) 942-2211 – Oklahoma City office.
  • Phone (918) 582-3191 – Tulsa office.
  • Fax (405) 942-2370 – Oklahoma City office.
  • Fax (918) 592-2709 – Tulsa office.

How to Stop Harassing Debt Collection

You don’t have to live with constant harassment from debt collectors, no matter how much money you owe or who you owe it to. The federal government has enacted a series of federal laws governing consumer protection. The most important of these is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Under the FDCPA, creditors and collection agencies are not permitted to contact before 8 AM or after 9 PM, call you in uncomfortable situations (at work, etc.), place repeated calls to the same number, call any third parties to inform them of your debt, or use any form of threatening language or behavior over the phone.

If you have been targeted by this kind of behavior, the FDCPA gives you the power to fight back. You can file a formal complaint against the offending company to stem the flow of abusive phone calls and threatening language. If they fail to cease and desist from those actions, you can take your case to court and sue the collection agency.

Turn to Fair Debt Lawyers for Help

Works & Lentz will be there to defend the creditors you owe money to in court, so put a partner in your corner if you have been targeted with harassing debt collection efforts. The legal experts at Fair Debt Lawyers have the know-how and experience to represent you in any litigation, and can assist you in fighting back under the guidelines of the FDCPA.

If you’re tired of the harassment, give Fair Debt Lawyers a call. We’ll sit down with you to validate the harassing behavior you’ve been subjected to, prepare and file a formal complaint against the offending collection agency, and represent you in a court of law if necessary.

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