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The legal team at Vullings Law Group, LLC is committed to defending consumer’s rights. As experts in the laws that protect consumers from credit errors, credit report mistakes, and collection harassment, our attorneys can help you fight back against creditors who may be violating the law.

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Debt from fourteen years ago was the only thing keeping me from buying the home my wife and I had always dreamed of. Mr. Vullings and his staff were prompt, courteous, and genuinely cared about the problem my wife and I were having. Mr. Vullings fought hard for me, and thanks to him, my wife and I are closing on our house next week! Best of all, this cost me nothing out of pocket! I would recommend Mr. Vullings and his staff to anyone with credit issues!

- Richard T. -

He saved me when I was desperate and I felt like I had nowhere to turn. Identity theft was keeping me from the home of my dreams. I called Vullings Law Group expecting that they wouldn't be able to help me, like everyone else. I was so wrong! Not only did Mr. Vullings resolve all of my issues, but I paid nothing out of pocket. My experience with Vullings Law Group was not just fantastic; it was life changing. I recommend this law firm without hesitation to anyone with inaccuracies on their credit reports!

- Sharon M.- 

Great lawyer. Great office staff. Brent and his entire office clearly genuinely care about their clients. I was able to communicate with Brent's staff at 10 at night on a Saturday via e-mail. Wow, talk about responsive. I have never dealt with a lawyer's office with such availability. My case went exactly as Brent told me it would. Very smart attorney, very intelligent staff, clearly they are very experienced and know exactly how to handle credit reporting problems. I would give ten stars if I could. 

- Anonymous -

I fought the credit bureaus for six years. I accomplished nothing. Brent fought the credit bureaus on my behalf for a couple months and accomplished everything I could not. He kept me informed along the way. He always explained things in ways that I could understand. I learned a lot from him, and he did everything he said he would. If you're having credit report issues, you can save a lot of time and stress by just going right to Brent and his staff.

- Harry H. -

I contacted the Vullings Law Group after being harassed and insulted by NCB Management Services regarding an alleged debt. I dealt with Jacqulyn at Vullings Law, who is very efficient, and kept me informed as to the proceedings. The process was unusually swift, NCB ceased all contact, and Brent Vullings also managed to obtain a monetary settlement from NCB for their actions.

- Larry -

I hired the Vullings Law Group, LLC to get a judgment that was showing on my credit report removed. I first tried to get it off of the repositories myself but Trans Union would not remove it when the other 2 did. I sent them certified mail with documentation that the judgment shouldn't be on my credit as it wasn't mine. I then contacted The Vullings Law Group, LLC and they took the case because if you are not able to get derogatory credit off of your credit report that should be removed, the Credit Bureau's PAY FOR THE ATTORNEYS FEES if they are at fault. The firm took the case and did a wonderful job. Very organized with a good staff. Best thing is they settled with the credit bureaus and took care of everything!

- Kathryn T. -

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