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Revenue Recovery Corporation


7005 Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville, TN 37909-1156

PO Box 341308
Memphis, TN 38184-1308

Contact Them:

Phone: (865) 971-1301
Phone: (901) 454-1127
Fax: (901) 452-8333
Fax: (865) 971-1342

It is difficult enough for most people to deal with debt looming over their heads, there’s no need to suffer through harassing and abusive behavior on the part of debt collection agency. There are countless agencies that operate across the country, serving multiple different industries or specializing in just one area (such as medical claims). Revenue Recovery Corporation is a major collection agency, and the more you know about them, the better.

What is the Revenue Recovery Corporation?

Revenue Recovery Corporation (RRC) is an industry leading collection agency that boasts of services covering “collections and receivables management.” Although RRC works across a variety of industries, such as consumer/retail clients and commercial entities, it does a lot of collection work for hospitals, medical centers, physician practices, and healthcare providers.

The RRC boasts of providing first-rate service to its clients, even displaying a customer review on its website that states “they prove that you can collect effectively, and with empathy.” RRC is a leader in client service, has a staff of highly trained, professional collectors, and uses cutting-edge technology to provide proven collection success rates for its clients.

Among debt collection agencies, RRC has a rough record with the Better Business Bureau. Though few debt collectors register for accreditation with the BBB, including Revenue Recovery Corporation, there are those with better track records. A total of 64 complaints, including 20 in the last 12 months, have been lodged against the company to date for various reasons, including issues with their services.

How to Contact Revenue Recovery Corporation

The headquarters of RRC is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, but the company has a second office in the city of Memphis as well. While a physical address is available for the Knoxville location, only a PO Box exists for the Memphis office. The addresses are available below:

7005 Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville, TN 37909-1156

PO Box 341308
Memphis, TN 38184-1308

With separate locations, it can be difficult to know which location is the right one to contact. If you need to contact the Knoxville office, you can reach them on the phone at (865) 971-1301, by toll-free number at (800) 939-1994, or via fax at (865) 971-1342. For inquiries with the Memphis location, the phone number is (901) 454-2505, the toll-free number is (800) 367-2019, and the fax number is (901) 454-2513.

How to Stop Harassing Debt Collection Efforts

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and other consumer protection laws, you have the right to put a stop to harassing and abusive behavior from debt collection agencies. The fact that you are in debt or are past due on payments does not give any collector the right to coerce you into paying money you don’t have, or paying faster than you are financially capable of doing.

The FDCPA lays out a series of guidelines that govern the behavior of debt collectors and collection agencies. If you’ve been the target of any of the following behaviors, you have experienced harassment firsthand:

  • Constant phone calls before 8 AM and after 9 PM.
  • Calls to your employer, family members, and friends divulging your debt.
  • Threats to imprison you, issue a warrant for your arrest, or garnish your wages.
  • Abusive language on the phone.
  • Constant calls to your mobile device.
  • Any contact after you have explicitly told the collector to stop.

If you’ve experienced any or all of this behavior at the hands of a debt collector, you have the legal right to fight back. Filling a formal claim against the offending collection agency is the first step in ending the harassment, and Fair Debt Lawyers can help you take control of the situation.

Ask Fair Debt Lawyers for Help

At Fair Debt Lawyers, our team of legal experts knows the FDCPA inside and out. We know the difference between fair and legal collections, and abusive behavior that goes too far. If you feel you’ve been unfairly and illegally targeted, contact Fair Debt Lawyers today.

We’ll sit down with you to go over the collection efforts to date, help you determine the legality of those collection efforts, and file a formal complaint against the offending agency. We can draft and submit your letter, and monitor the progress of your claim. This takes the stress off your shoulders, and puts a legal team in your corner willing to defend you against the abuse and harassment of debt collectors. Don’t live with the stress; contact us today!


  1. Landon Moyers on April 17, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    I have a complaint on Revenue Recovery Corporation. I have paid in full my collections and they said it would fall off my credit 90 days and they havent reported it and it still affects me i just want this to go away. Revenue Recovery Corporation is nothing but liars can anybody help me please

  2. Sandy H. on October 24, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    I am in a payment plan with Revenue Recovery Corporation which they pressured and intimidated me into agreeing to. Revenue Recovery Corporation is charging me extra when my checks can’t be cashed. If my checks can’t be cashed, clearly I don’t have the money. So Revenue Recovery Corporation makes it worse by adding fees.

  3. carla conner on December 28, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    im being billed by rrc for an ER visit when my child broke his arm, i had & provided insurance card & my local hosp where i took my child says i owe them NO MONEY! they also provided me with hosp visit dates/tests with acount numbers and offered to stand on my side against rrc as they are as confused about the collection agency themselves. now its on my credit report and shouldnt be as IT NEVER WAS an unpayed bill!!!!!!! i will see to it that they clear my credit if it bankrupts me. this is a pathetic company with a pathetic way of what they assume is real business and then left me on hold on phone for 2 hours just to end call suddenly. TO ALL WHO ARE BEING HARRASSED, THERE IS FREE LEGAL HELP AGAINST THEM AND IF WE STICK TOGETHER, MAYBE THEYLL GET A GOOD DOSE OF HARASSMENT AND HOPEFULLY OUT OF BUSINESS. REALLY?!??!! Hospital/medical bills dont carry big impact on your credit for inquiries made by companies that check your credit for your own personal reasons so that explains why they represent who all they do. keep that in mind. dont fear med bills. pay more important ones first. mail them $2.00 a month, nothing they can do. if they deny it, i was told you dont have to pay any of it

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