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Fact: Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, it is unlawful for a collection agency to call you collect.

Many Americans like you are being contacted by collection agencies who are trying to get payments on defaulted accounts they have acquired or been assigned. Even though you may owe a debt, you still have rights.

You should dispute the debt in writing if you feel as if the dollar amount the collection agency is requesting is inaccurate, if you feel the debt is not owed or if you feel the debt is fraudulent. You can send a letter to the collection agency within thirty days of first being notified of the collection. You should send this letter via certified mail so that you can prove that they received it. In response to your dispute, the collection agency must cease collection activity until they send you some sort of validation of the alleged debt. They can resume their collection efforts again once they produce proof of your debt.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) regulates what debt collection agencies may and may not do. There are many things collection agencies cannot do or say when contacting you. Collection agencies may not:

  • use abusive or obscene language;
  • call before 8am or after 9pm;
  • call you repeatedly;
  • call you at work, if they know that your employer does not permit personal calls;
  • contact any third party and state that you owe a debt;
  • threaten to have you arrested or imprisoned.

    If any of these things occur, your best option is to consult with a consumer protection attorney.


    1. Hilary on September 23, 2016 at 5:54 pm

      I just got off the phone with not one, but two incredibly rude and condescending associates. The first woman, who did not identify herself, got immediately nasty when she informed me of a bill I was not aware of. When I tried to explain that I would gladly pay her once I get paid (I work a commission sales position, so my paychecks vary), she bgan cutting me off and threatening me. I continued to try to explain that I am not unwilling to pay what is owed, but she hung up on me. I called back, and spoke to another associate who was equally as nasty. I explained that my debt was due to an abusive ex who opened up accounts in my name without my knowledge or permission (something I’ve been working towards repairing since I left him). He had been doing this for years and when he left, I was $10K in debt. I told her how rude the last associate was that I spoke to, and this new woman thought it was appropriate, professional, and compassionate to make a joke about my abusive relationship. When I told her I was upset by how rudely I was just treated, she asked me, “Well what did you do when your abusive ex was rude to you?” as if that had anything to do with her co-worker’s behavior. I am absolutely disgusted with how I have been treated and cannot even fathom treating another human being that way.

    2. L.kluck on May 21, 2020 at 6:39 am

      I received a call from Montgomery and Lynch The gentleman didn’t leave his name just the companies name and that he was calling me because I had a death they came to their office. So I immediately called back and when I found out where the bill was from I expressed that I thought this was taken care of. He very rudely said if it was taken care of it wouldn’t be in his office, and that I only had six months to Correct this issue it was too late and that I needed to take care of it. I expressed to him that I had called about the bill several times and hadn’t heard anything and felt it was OK and then taken care of. I expressed that I will call back to my insurance and find out why and he told me that he was going to write me down is “non-compliant”??? So I immediately called my insurance company and explain to them what was going on and apparently I had to fill out a subrogation form which I did and returned however the insurance company did not attach that to my claim in error. My insurance agent apologize to me it is going to resubmit it and it should be taken care of within 10 to 15 business days. So I called back the law firm in only got their answering serves I left a lengthy detail of this issue and that it would be taken care of. The gentleman I spoke with was very rude with this law firm and talked over me and then in the end hung up on me. So Montgomery and Lynch Has no business calling me back again at this point it will be harassment!

    3. Mia on August 13, 2020 at 7:55 pm

      Unfortunately I was an employee here for about 8 days and there is nothing absolutely nothing professional about this place and fraudulent businesses like this needs to be dealt with I had my AirPod case with my left pod stolen how..? It fell under my desk in my presence by my feet I decided I was going to pick it up after a couple calls but I got wrapped up in calls like an employee should the supervisor even asked what I was looking for when it fell and I told him my AirPod case but see it one of the receptionists decides she wants to go on break with anothe co worker there was hesitation going out the door but I’m on call she comes back around and says I gotta tie my shoe right by my desk right by the door A 5 year old can put this together she picked them up about 15-20 min later I want to take my break and I’m looking to get my case and it’s gone I haven’t made a sale hadn’t had a reason to be up since and not a bathroom break either because that’s what I was about to do I got to the supervisor respectfully and calm a little panicked I told him hey remember earlier my case is gone and I didn’t get up nor did I pick them up and your receptionist is the main person who walks back and forth to give us our receipt sales tied her shoe twice by my desk he’s like like I’m not going in anyone purses which I know that won’t be a result but are you going to do anything as I said not trying to be disturbing or unprofessional he said you kinda already are and he’s like you can’t assume I highly doubt that so clearly right there all leadership is down the drain he said sounds like a cops job so I calmly go in the hall and call and talk to dispatch while taking she comes out like you lost your AirPods too I ignored her because it’s foul play before Calling I walked around beeping them the other receptionist says is that you beeping again she’s like no I found mine but keep and mind she goes looking for them while I’m taking I take time to stay calm the other door was locked so I went in the main door ( their office) she’s like why would you think I stole you case because I gave mine I never said anything to her I leave back out to meet the cop I Screen recorded my pod staying at the job location when my car was driving to show police I don’t have it we wrote report and we talked we had 2 talks with me the supervisor and the cop me and the cops main thing was for me to stay calm so they can’t say anything which I did as I am always professional we made the agreement to see where the pods location would say later but unfortunately my pod died I continue back to work calm and did my work after clearing the air that I’m fine I’m here to work the supervisor releases us about 20 min earlier saying I’m going to get new business in here tomorrow guys it clicked then that something is about to happen when I returned to work the next day he calls my in the office saying I didn’t know you approached her how are you able to to discuss that when you can’t confront theft however I told him I didn’t not she said something to me first and I carried on I don’t want to keep bring this up especially if I’m not getting helped and we cleared that yesterday in front of the cop so clearly it’s a new day I and I’m not going to drag a situation over my loss after I’ve made a report it’s over with he’s like I’m not going to be here tomorrow and Friday and I don’t want anything happening I said I have bigger issues I have goals and things have to be done he’s like right we’re here t make money I’m all about the money that was about 9 am at 12:50 pm he calls my ext and say hey we’ve decided we’re going to end Youre employment but I’m gonna let you finish the day and we’ll handle your check I said okay I asked hey can we talk in the office I asked what’s the reason he said you know there’s just too much tension I said describe it he said I don’t know I can just feel it I said anything you feel now is what should’ve been felt yesterday and earlier so I know it’s personal and I knew because it was me vs the long time employee and other circumstances he had no valid reason I asked where were the termination papers where is anything he’s like technically we can fire you for anything whenever we want I wish I had been recording everything ! I told him he showed no leadership no sympathy for my loss nor today for your personal reason I feel they had their own mediation she lied to him that it not a workplace they have no customer service when calling debtors the rudeness all of that didn’t even fit my work ethics I called and I talked to everyone nice and still even made sales THIS PLACE IS THE WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER WORKED FROM THE STAFF TO THE SUPERVISOR AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE PEOPLE THAT LET HIM LEAD ARE THE WORST PEOPLE OVE EVER ENCOUNTERED TO WORK FOR A COMPANY AND HAVE YOUR THINGS STOLEN IN PLAIN SITE IS UNACCEPTABLE I DID NOT FINISH MY DAY HE EVEN CALLED THE POLICE AS I LEFT KEEP IN MINE THE SECRETARY WAS LATE AND SHE WENT HOME EARLY HMMM? I HAD PERSONAL ITEMS IN MY PERSON AREA MY FEET MY FEET ! GOT STOLEN AND I WAS FIRED THE NEXT DAY! funny that I refer my friend it was her second day her first day he said asked her were we close no one new anything until she wanted to see if I was okay while talking to dispatch the day before she told me he discussed things out loud that made her want to leave we kept everything work related Up until she wanted to know if I was okay the day earlier he told her I don’t like how you played me like that she asked what did me mean he said he was joking another reason why you should stay professional ! WITH ALL THAT HAS BEEN SAID THIS IS JUST TERRIBLE AND NO THERE IS NO HR THE OWNERS ARE IN THEIR 80’s and the family leaves it to him TERRIBLE

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