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Fast Fact: Credit report errors can impact one’s ability to retain current employment and affect one’s ability to obtain new credit, get a car loan and even secure insurance.

PRBC/MicroBilt is a consumer reporting agency. PRBC/MicroBilt provides credit information, bill payment information, employment information, bank account data, property records, court judgments, address and phone information. MicroBilt provides consumer data on low income and subprime focused consumers to providers of payday, short term and installment loans. Your PRBC/MicroBilt report may contain your full name, previous names used, address, previous addresses, date of birth, employment information, bank account data, property records, and other personally identifiable information.

PRBC/MicroBilt is located in Kennesaw, Georgia.

You should dispute any information appearing on your PRBC/MicroBilt report in writing if you feel as if it is inaccurate.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) regulates the consumer reporting agencies’ responsibilities as to your report. There are many things consumer reporting agencies are required to do as it pertains to their reporting. Consumer Reporting Agencies must:

  • report accurately;
  • conduct a reasonable investigation of any dispute you make with them as to inaccurate credit reporting;
  • clearly mark any trade line disputed by you as disputed by the consumer.

    Your best option is to consult with a consumer protection attorney if you believe your rights are being violated.

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