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Immediate Credit Recovery Inc


169 Myers Corners Rd Ste 110
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590-3868

3330 Chastain Meadows Pkwy NW Ste 100
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5881

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Phone: (845) 298-0700
Phone: (770) 792-8160
Fax: (770) 792-8167
Fax: (845) 297-2226

Many Americans like you are being contacted by collection agencies who are trying to get payments on defaulted accounts they have acquired or been assigned. Even though you may owe a debt, you still have rights.

You should dispute the debt in writing if you feel as if the dollar amount the collection agency is requesting is inaccurate, if you feel the debt is not owed or if you feel the debt is fraudulent. You can send a letter to the collection agency within thirty days of first being notified of the collection. You should send this letter via certified mail so that you can prove that they received it. In response to your dispute, the collection agency must cease collection activity until they send you some sort of validation of the alleged debt. They can resume their collection efforts again once they produce proof of your debt.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) regulates what debt collection agencies may and may not do. There are many things collection agencies cannot do or say when contacting you. Collection agencies may not:

  • use abusive or obscene language;
  • call before 8am or after 9pm;
  • call you repeatedly;
  • call you at work, if they know that your employer does not permit personal calls;
  • contact any third party and state that you owe a debt;
  • threaten to have you arrested or imprisoned.

    If any of these things occur, your best option is to consult with a consumer protection attorney.


    1. Cecile Suire on October 9, 2014 at 9:49 pm

      I attended college back in 1998-2000 and acquired some student loan debt. I barely got a chance to work in my chosen degree field of paralegal studies because most lawyers were not interested in hiring a 40 year old, overweight, single mother for their practice. In 2003 I was in a devastating automobile accident and rendered completely unable to work or walk for an entire year. My loans went into forbearance. I attempted to locate work but due to some very extensive injuries was unable to so I sought Social Security Disability. I did not hear from any of the loan providers until JUST recently like in 2013. In 2007 I relocated to CA from LA and received an award for total disability BUT since my benefits query stated a re-evaluation every (3) years Higher Education Foundation deemed me (not totally disabled) even though that award and decision came from an Appellate Law Judge here in CA. I recently spoke with Higher Education Foundation about their rehabilitation process for these loans and they stated that I was not “income” able I could not understand because I am only receiving SSI not SSA and that amount is only $877 per month. They still denied my request. Just yesterday Immediate Credit Recovery called me and explained to me their process of student loan rehabilitation and that they wanted to inform me that if I don’t enter into this rehabilitation that my meager SS(I) benefits would be levied. So, I could not turn down their offer of $5 per month and the first payment paid yesterday for 9 consecutive months on time and then my loan would go back to positive status and turned over to another lender. It would be my job to let the “new” lender know about this plan that has been offered to me once I hear from them in about 9 months from this month. I was given a fax number to send my proof of award letter from Social Security to verify my income and that number was listed here on your website (770-792-9567). They stated that their rehabilitation package will arrive in about 15 days and I was to immediately sign the papers and fax them back to them. My question is this, “Before they called my debt was $37,000 and now it’s $46,000 how on earth at $5 per month is this going to be paid off before I die?” and “Is this a legitimate way to satisfy the federal government not to seek further avenues of collection from me?” The Higher Education Foundation refused both my SSI award and my income for rehabilitation.

    2. Anonymous on December 9, 2014 at 2:41 pm

      I owed tuition money to a university and had to drop out before finishing my degree. My account was turned over to Immediate Credit Recovery (ICR). My debt of about $10,000 went up to about $28,000 within a couple of years due to ICR’s exorbitant collection agency charges. I offered to pay $350/month based on my meager income at the time if they would freeze the interest charges. The ICR representative agreed to that on the phone, but ICR continued to charge me interest, so I made no progress on paying the debt. The ICR collection agents were rude and unprofessional to me on the phone. I believe that ICR and its agents should be investigated for engaging in unethical and possibly illegal collection agency activities based on the exorbitant fees they tack on to debts.

    3. christopher wiles on January 13, 2015 at 2:14 pm

      I received a notice from ICR in the amount of $680 for supposed tuition at the college I attended. I last attended this college in 1996 and have received nothing from them previously. I’m not even sure the bill is legitimate. I have not contacted them nor have I made any payments.

    4. Dan E. on April 10, 2015 at 8:57 pm

      Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc has not responded to repeated contact attempts. Immediate Credit Recovery is collecting on a student loan of mine. Every time I call, I get voicemail.

    5. Don M. on May 27, 2015 at 11:02 pm

      Immediate Credit Recovery calls every day, 2 or 3 times a day, for the past year and a half. Immediate Credit Recovery calls my cell phone. Someone has got to make Immediate Credit Recovery stop. It’s way past harassment.

    6. Christian J. on July 20, 2015 at 10:44 pm

      Immediate Credit Recovery Inc is trying to collect on my student loan. I am glad that Immediate Credit Recovery Inc will be paid off soon.

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