Steps Against Phone Harassment

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Many Americans have been the victim to phone harassment from credit agencies and collection companies due to unpaid bills, or even worse, errors or mistakes on their credit reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a protection law that helps defend the consumer and defines what collectors are and are not allowed to do.

What They Cannot Do

  1. If you notify the collector with a written notice that states you would no longer like to be contacted, they are not allowed to call you.
  2. They cannot to contact your family or friends.
  3. The only people they can contact is your spouse or attorney.
  4. If you have an attorney, collectors must talk to them.
  5. They should not use profanity or threaten you with imprisonment or violence. They also have no right to take your property.

What They Can Do

  1. They are allowed to use social media to find your phone number. Check out your Facebook account to see if your phone number is listed. If it is, eliminate it.
  2. They can purchase your number legally. Grocery stores, banks, or any business that you have given your number to can put it on a list that is then bought by debt collectors.
  3. Collectors are allowed to contact your place of employment, unless your employer tells them to stop.

If you are constantly harassed, or the debts you are held accounted for were reported incorrectly, you are allowed to prosecute. Contact Vullings Law today for a free review of your case.

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