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The war on debt is the greatest financial battle facing Americans today. Roughly 1-in-3 Americans has debt that is in collection. No matter how much debt you have or how long you have been saddled with that burden, no one has the right to coerce you into paying. Debt collection harassment is a rising trend in the 21st century, as more and more Americans find themselves deep in debt from medical bills, tuition payments, or overdue credit card statements. Whether you live in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or anywhere in between, a Pennsylvania debt harassment lawyer can help you bring an end to the stress of collection calls.

Victim of Harassment?

It’s not always easy to identify the harassing tactics used by some debt collectors. The obvious approach of many collectors is to call you on the phone, sometimes incessantly throughout the course of the day. If you receive multiple phone calls, especially on multiple lines (home, cell, and work), you are undoubtedly the target of debt collection harassment.

Other forms of harassment include informing your friends, family members, and neighbors of your debt status, contacting credit bureaus with inaccurate information, threatening legal action, and the use of abusive or coercive language on the phone. When it comes to phone calls, debt collectors target elderly individuals in particular with aggressive language that include verbal threats, curse words, and other inappropriate language. The goal in any case is to coerce or shame you into paying your debts on their debt-repayment schedules.

Contact a Pennsylvania Debt Harassment Lawyer

Whether you are aware of it or not, the federal government has taken steps to protect Americans from this gross abuse of personal knowledge. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, was designed to protect people against multiple forms of aggressive and harassing behavior on the part of debt collectors.

In short, a debt collector may not use any of the following tactics to force you to pay your debts on the spot:

  • Call before 8am or after 9pm
  • Continue calling after you’ve requested they stop
  • Share information about your debt with family members, neighbors, or friends
  • May not post debt information in any public forum as a means of public shaming
  • Use aggressive, abusive, or threatening language on the phone
  • May not misrepresent themselves or the facts when speaking on the phone

Working with a Pennsylvania debt harassment lawyer offers a no-cost solution to your debt collection harassment issues. Your lawyer works for you, but the debt collectors will pay the bill in the end. By contacting an attorney, you are putting a legal expert on your side who has extensive knowledge of the FDCPA and the power to act on your behalf to stop harassing collectors in their tracks.

Choosing a Pennsylvania Debt Harassment Lawyer

The legal team at Fair Debt Lawyers consists of licensed professionals qualified to work in the state of Pennsylvania. At no cost to you, our legal experts will contact your debt collectors to bring an immediate stop to the harassment. There is no need to put up with the stress of harassing phone calls or public shaming anymore. Your lawyer will manage all aspects of your case, from contacting collectors to repairing any damage with credit bureaus stemming from misinformation.

Working with a member of the Fair Debt Lawyers team shouldn’t mean more financial stress in your life. We are here to work for you. We’ll manage your case effectively, keep you in the loop throughout, and (as provided by the FDCPA) send the bill to your creditors when we’re done.

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