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We all do our best to keep our finances in order, but from time to time we fall into debt. The most common sources of debt in America today include overdue credit card statements, medical bills, and student loans. While everyone is obligated to pay off debts, you do not have to deal with the harassment of debt collectors seeking to bully you into paying off your debts before you’re capable. If you’ve been the subject of harassment and want to end the stress associated with it, debt harassment lawyers in New Jersey can help.

Signs of Debt Harassment

The most common forms of debt harassment are also the easiest to spot. Debt collectors prefer to use multiple telephone calls to try and contact you regarding your debt. Once they have you on the phone, you’ll be faced with a barrage of questions and statements that leave you confused and further upset about your stress. Signs of harassment on the phone include:

  • Constant attempts to contact you
  • Calling you on multiple extensions (mobile, home, and work)
  • Abusive or threatening language
  • Misrepresentation

The latter point is one of the most important forms of debt harassment to identify. Debt collectors are required under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to clearly identify themselves on the phone, provide accurate information regarding the debt you owe, and refrain from the use of threatening language and misinformation.

Contacting a New Jersey Debt Harassment Lawyer

You have the right to be free from harassing phone calls and behavior from debt collectors. Under the guidelines of the FDCPA, debt collectors may not misrepresent themselves to you or share information about your debt with anyone but you and the credit bureaus. If you believe you’ve been the victim of this type of behavior, a debt harassment lawyer in New Jersey can help you push back against that abuse.

New Jersey debt harassment lawyers know all the ins and outs of the FDCPA, and they are trained to serve as your legal representative when dealing with abusive debt harassment. As your representative in front of debt collectors and credit bureaus, debt harassment lawyers provide a no-cost option for ending the stress and frustration of persistent debt collection calls.

Choosing a New Jersey Debt Harassment Lawyer

If the idea of free legal assistance isn’t attractive enough, consider all the stress you’ll eliminate from your life by teaming with a debt harassment lawyer. When you work with a member of the Fair Debt Lawyers team, you get a partner on your team whose sole interest is ending the harassing behavior of collectors and allowing you to focus on your life.

It is the responsibility of our legal experts to contact the collectors harassing you regarding your debt. We’ll contact collectors with a formal submission requesting an end to harassing behavior. Under the guidelines of the FDCPA, your collectors are then required to stop all harassment ASAP. However, the process is not always that simple.

Collectors are allowed to counter if they believe the behavior isn’t harassing or clarify the nature of their communications. If you work without a lawyer, you have to file all the paperwork yourself, contact collectors, work with credit bureaus, and deal with any counter filings on your own.

Our no-cost service covers you from start to finish throughout the process. We’ll file the initial request to end harassing behavior, contact credit bureaus on your behalf (if necessary), and deal with any counter filings from your creditors. You don’t need to do all this work yourself, and you shouldn’t have to. Let us do the legwork for you, and your creditors will pay the bill for our services.

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