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Stop Portfolio Recovery Harassment

Were you recently contacted by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC? At no cost to you, our attorneys may be able to assist you in putting a stop to debt collection harassment! Fill out the contact form on this page and tell us your story.

Who Is Portfolio Recovery and What Does Portfolio Recovery Do?

Suppose a bank, finance company or service provider has past-due bill. Such a bill may be easily forgotten by the consumer, or the customer simply may not have the money to pay. Unexpected medical bills, loss of a job, or other curve balls life throws us may make it difficult to pay our bills on time. If a debt is not paid, eventually it will be “charged off” by the original creditor. These original creditors sell portfolios containing past due and defaulted debt for a fraction of the face value of the debt to companies such as Portfolio Recovery. Portfolio Recovery Associates is a company separate from the original creditor who attempts to collect on the past-due accounts which have been “charged off” and purchased by them. Portfolio Recovery has been in this business since 1996. Companies such as Portfolio Recovery who do this as part of their primary course of business are called “collection agencies.” Collection agencies typically attempt to collect on such debts at first by calling you and mailing you letters. Portfolio Recovery also has been known to sue consumers who have a past due balance. So what happens after you receive that letter or phone call?

How to Stop Portfolio Recovery from Harassing You

Portfolio Recovery may ask you where you are working now and what sources of income you have. They may say that your answers to such questions will “help them find an easy way for you to pay your account off.” You are under no obligation to answer their questions, and you should not.

If Portfolio Recovery tacks on excessive fees and interest, reports incorrectly on your credit report, or calls you repeatedly, they may be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Of course, Portfolio Recovery doesn’t want you to know that and has taken some steps to keep that information from you. When one enters the name of a collection agency on Google, typically ads for consumer protection attorneys will appear in the search results. Now enter “Portfolio Recovery” on Google. You will see absolutely no ads for consumer protection attorneys in the search results! This is because Portfolio Recovery went so far as to recently stop Google from allowing lawyers’ ads to appear when someone enters “Portfolio Recovery” on Google. Portfolio Recovery is also trying to stop Bing from allowing lawyers’ ads to appear when someone enters “Portfolio Recovery” on Bing. Despite their efforts to keep consumers away from consumer protection attorneys, Portfolio Recovery Associates has been sued about 2,200 times in the last six years according to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER). That averages out to more than one lawsuit every single day, including weekends and holidays, for the past six years! Complaining to Portfolio Recovery directly about unfair debt collection practices may be what Portfolio Recovery would prefer, but it is not your best option. Your best option is to consult with a consumer protection attorney.

If your employer prohibits calls, and Portfolio Recovery knows this, they cannot call you at work. Period. If they do so, they are again in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

There is a statute of limitations as to the time period allowed for a collection agency or original creditor to sue you for debt or to report it on your credit. That statute of limitations may reset – it may start over – if you make a payment, depending on the laws in your state. You should also know that even after you have paid a “charged off” debt in full, for this debt to be removed from your credit report may take up to seven years.


Portfolio Recovery has offices in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kansas, Texas, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and even the United Kingdom. They are headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.

I am a single woman working two jobs to support myself and my children. I need to spend every penny I have on medical bills, prescriptions, and household expenses. When I recently became ill, I fell behind in a few of my bills. Now Portfolio Recovery calls me every day at all hours of the day. They even call me at work. I’m scared of losing my job. I’m scared to answer the phone. With my health just getting back to normal, I don’t need the stress. Please help me!

Brenda C.

we recently received a bill from the state of wi. claiming that we owe over 1100.00 for taxes that we had done by turbo tax in 2010. among the list was a forgiveness of federal debt in the amount of 844.$ for portfolio recovery. we have no explanation nor have we ever heard of them yet they are claiming a forgiveness of debt on our taxes and we did not even know until now and why did it take 4 years for wi. dept. of revenue to discover this problem with our taxes?

Tom C

I have been in the mortgage financing industry for 15 years and Portfolio Recovery Services is very difficult to deal with. I lived in Las Vegas, NV, the most distressed market in the country and after the economic downfall, bankruptcies and debt sold from collection agency to collection agency i have seen the destruction that this company can and is doing. I am so pleased to see an attorney that fully understands the travesty that collection agencies like this are continuing to do and all things considered, other than a select few attorneys such as the Vullings Law Group, they are not being held accountable in many circumstances.
The advice above is spot on. I became a student of credit and these violations as I watched my clients go through so many frustrations and at times I know more than i wish I knew. I will definitely be sending my clients to you in the future because you are removing things off of credit the correct and permanent way. Unfortunately some credit repair companies simply use a series of dispute letters in a specific pattern and format to remove items which only ends up being a temporary fix and it pops right back on their credit again. However they temporarily removed it and collected the clients money.
Thank you so much Brent Vullings for fighting the good fight.


They call every day. They leave no message. I just got a call about 20 minutes ago. How they got my phone number is a mystery to me. Is there away I can sue them for harassment?


They call every day. No answer, and they never leave a message.


Portfolio Recovery has been calling me everyday! They call at least 5 times a day! I have also received calls on the weekends! When I answer the phone they hang up! What should I do?


PRA has been calling me for over three years. I was laid off from my residential construction mangers job on Jan. 13, 2009. I quite making payments on a couple credit cards that month. Due to the economic down turn in residential construction and my age (64) I have not been able to find another job. I took early Social Security last year so that I would have at least a little income ($412 a month). Up until last year I told PRA every time they called that I did not owe them any money. I finally quit answering the phone if I did not know the number calling. Today I received a letter from then saying I owe them $1966.66 for HSBC bank of Nevada. N.A. The statute of limitations in Nevada for credit card debt is 4 years. Not sure what to do now, do I ignore their letter?

Ben Brierton

They give me threats about legal action.


Portfolio has be calling me constantly for over 2 years now about a credit card debt that is over 10 years old. It isn’t even reflected on my credit report. This is getting old.

Andre Brown

Potrfolio Recovery served me over a year ago for a debt ($2,000 +) that I feel is not mine with GE Capital – some credit card used for dental. I asked for proof of this debt, i.e. a signed contract, etc. and Portfolio says they don’t have that. I need to get it from GE Capital, Portfolio tells me. I sent a certified letter to GE Capital with a cc to Portfolio asking for these items and stating that in the State of Oregon you cannot collect a debt that is more than 6 years old, this debt was from 2006, and I didn’t hear anything again for a year! I figured all was done. I then received a judgment and mailed an answer to the court. Once again I called Portfolio, they have ceased and desisted for now and want another letter asking for items to prove this is my debt and that I should call GE Capital again. Called GE Capital again and they said they have given everything to Portfolio.

Pamela Vandenberg

PRA calls non-stop at least 10 times a day for two years even after I requested verbally for them to stop doing so. I am unemployed and they have sued me twice for separate debts each less than $1,000. These debts are at least three years old. I learned today that they called a neighbor, which I know is a violation. I want this to stop. I found this webpage because I need an address to contact them.

Kristina Tegland

A judgment was obtain against me in an illegal manner by Portfolio Recovery Associates, since payments were made on the account their intent is to continuously refused to revealed payments made, false reporting, blatant reporting; using my own identity to obtain my credit report from the credit reporting agency. Portfolio Recovery Associates address is listed on my credit report under personal information/privacy violation. Illegal inquiries and other entity reporting false info.

Melissa P.

For the last four years Portfolio Recovery Associates has tried to collect on a debt that was part of a discharge in bankruptcy court. The debt itself is 13 years old. This is more than twice the age beyond the statute of limitations in my state anyways. Over the last four years they have had supposed lawyers offices calling me, courier services saying they’re coming to serve me papers within the next 24 to 48 hours, and they themselves occasionally call. An almost score of different numbers calls. The debt Portfolio Recovery Associates is trying to collect was the smallest amount I owed to anyone when I filed bankruptcy. The original debt was maybe $300 tops. This company is merciless in causing headaches to collect a debt that is not even owed.


Listen people…Until you receive a summons from a COURT and VERIFY that there IS a case you have nothing to worry about. The people at Portfolio Recovery Associates are not going to spend the time or money to recover the money. I went through a long ordeal with them and after 3 years. The statute of limitations is also on your side. The only reactive moves you should make is if they actually file a case against you. Dispute the debt and request proof that you owe it. If Portfolio Recovery cannot provide documentation they shouldn’t be trying to collect. Good luck.

Marcus Booker

Portfolio Recovery Associates has been calling me a couple of times a week for more than *15 years*. PRA will not tell me who the original debt was from. They will not tell me the original debt amount. They will not tell me when the original debt was incurred. I have not had any credit cards since 1999. I’ve been very ill and am disabled- I couldn’t pay PRA even if I wanted to. I actually answered their calls once or twice, about 12, 13 years ago. They demanded immediate payment, I told them that I simply could not pay. They said they were writing it down that I refused to pay, I told them no, there’s a vast difference between ability and intent. The woman on the phone swore at me and hung up. Since then I’ve let the answering machine take all the calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates. I’ve not paid them a dime, and the SOL is long since gone on any supposed debt. Why they waste their time on me is mystifying.


My main complaint is that Portfolio Recovery Associates are not as understanding as other debt collectors I’ve dealt with. Portfolio Recovery Associates always make sure you know that your account is with their legal department. Portfolio Recovery Associates make you feel as if you had committed a crime for being unemployed and not able to pay a debt.

Ethel E.

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